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Episode 21: Wherein the Witch Doctor Speaks

Equanimous Rex This week, podcaster, occultist, writer, and preternatural investigator Equanimous Rex joined us to discuss his serial fiction podcast The Witch Doctor. I’ve been a huge fan of the [...]
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Episode 19: Wherein We Commune With the Spirits

Exie Susanne Smith Author, medium, and paranormal investigator Exie Susanne Smith joined us this week to discuss her lifetime of experience with the paranormal. Exie talked about the dramatic experience [...]
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Episode 8: Wherein Leslie Caradina Returns

Leslie Caradina This week, we welcome former Wiccan High-Priestess, occultist, and hermetic magician Leslie Caradina back to the Ancient Wisdom Salvage Yard. This was the first in-studio interview with the [...]
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