Episode 26: Wherein We Interview the Vampire and the Witch

Richard Althide & Teri Gall

Richard Althide Teri Gall vampire witch medium tarotOur guests this week are Richard Althide and Teri Gall, an unlikely duo that have proved that we can turn our differences into strengths and become stronger in unity than we can achieve separately. Richard and Teri both talked about what has brought them to their current paths: psychic vampire and witch/ceremonial magician. They went on to discuss how they’ve learned to merge their respective paths and work together to become more than simply the sum of two people. Among the subjects discussed were Kabbalah, Tarot, mediumship, ethical vampirism, self-actualization, sacred geometry, numerology, Ouija, and the shifting of the collective consciousness. We talked about the energy of music and art and, as seems to be the case more and more these days, the conversation turned to finding one’s own magickal and spiritual path as opposed to following an established tradition. Teri shared some stories from her work as a medium and Tarot reader, and I talked about my own trials and tribulations as I’ve begun practicing mediumship techniques. We also discussed the value of getting your spiritual butt kicked every now and then.

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The Doors song that Richard referenced in the interview is Not to Touch the Earth


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