Episode 6: Wherein We Interview Ryan Loyd, Wizard (Part 2)

Ryan Loyd (Part II)

Ryan Loyd
The Storyteller Way Blog – storytellerway.com
Ryan’s YouTube Channel – youtube.com
Feral Alchemy – facebook.com
Spoken Word – bandcamp.com
The Chaos Magick Learning Annex – facebook.com

This week, we finish out our interview with Ryan Loyd: writer, storyteller, creative problem solver, artist, artificer, weaponsmith, occult advisor…and WIZARD. I had to split this interview up into two parts due to the ridiculous number of topics we covered. Ryan has a lot of experience and has done much to push the boundaries of magickal practice. In this, the second half of our discussion, we delve deeper into a multitude of topics.

Pursuant to part of the discussion that got into the semantics of occulture and specifically, what we mean when we talk about “the Astral”, after the interview I talked a bit about how I view the multiverse in light of my own experiences and what I mean when I use various descriptive terms. I also presented Part 2 of Nightgaunt’s Quick and Dirty Introduction to Sigils, where I described some of the specific techniques I use. I hope it’s helpful – or at least interesting – for you!

Finally, I talked a bit about the time and financial constraints of producing this podcast and announced a change to a biweekly format. I think this will be a good thing all around; it will permit me the time I need to properly produce a quality show, arrange interviews, etc. and free up more time for family and business. Thanks for listening, everyone!

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