Episode 31: Wherein We Merge Magick & Music

   Due to unforeseen events, this episode is a bit late coming out, and as a result, the events that Sooj gave a heads-up about have already transpired. Please check out Sooj's upcoming "Words & Music" event, as well as her concert calendar for events yet to be added!
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SJ Tucker


   This episode, the incomparable SJ Tucker joined us for an in-depth discussion about music and magick. Sooj described her early years and chronicled her magickal and musical journey from childhood to the pixie pirate mythpunk rock star we've come to know and love.

   Sooj went on to speak about the magick she weaves into her music and the dynamics of music, community, and the historic times we're living in right now. We both had our say concerning creativity and performing the the Age of COVID and Sooj talked about what it took to create a new online concert venue from scratch.

   Next up was "Parenting for Weirdoes", wherein we discussed parenting from a pagan and occult perspective, specifically the best ways of handling introducing children to magickal concepts. Throughout the episode, we played some of Sooj's new tracks.

   SJ Tucker can be found at her website SJTucker.com, Online Concert Thing, BandCamp, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.
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