November Update 2023
I can hear you thinking. I can hear you crying into the Void, “Oh, but whatever is Nightgaunt doing? I *must* know what’s new at!”
So, first of all, I’ve rebuilt the website from the ground up. The dark old days of slow page loads are behind us. The site should be much more responsive and look better on tablets, phone, and pondering orbs.
The Astrology Update section has gotten an overhaul and is undergoing continuing improvement. Navigation within AU is a snap and Artemis is chomping at the bit (metaphorically) to get back on the air and bring us up to speed on the Dance of the Heavens.
There have been a few things that I’ve always wanted to have on the website, but either my skills weren’t up to the challenge or the web hosting company ‘s limitations made them too unwieldly. Well, I’ve gotten much better at web design and have a slick new modern web host, so those old aspirations are finally taking shape.
The first of these is the Athenaeum, which you’ll find in the menu at the the top of every page. Think of it as a virtual Occult Library. There are quite a few titles there already and I’ll keep adding to it as time goes on. Everything’s in PDF format and you can download any of them to add to your own collection. To the best of my knowledge, all titles are public domain, “copywronged”, or otherwise has the authors’ permission to disseminate. (If you happen to find any instances to the contrary, please let me know and I’ll review it.)
The next is the Sigil Post, where you’ll find sort of a lexicon of sigils to use in your own workings. Again, this will be an ongoing project, with new additions appearing regularly.
Next is the “Wisdom Web”. This one’s not quite live yet due to its scope, but it will be a massively hyperlinked Encyclopeaedia Occulti that accommodates both quick look-ups and deep rabbit hole diving. I’ve always tried to keep the podcast accessible to newcultists and I think this’ll be a marvelous resource for those getting themselves up to speed.
Finally, in the “coming soon” department is what I’m calling the Bats & Black Lace Society, which in part will serve as a conversation pit, but will encompass so much more…
I’m also currently working on editing a massively long episode that was recorded before the Great Cataclysm and hope to have it ready for Prime Time by the end of November.
With regard to social media, I’ve decided to dump Twitter for good. Because it’s awful. And I hate it. Currently, you can find the Ancient Wisdom Salvage Yard on Facebook, Instagram, Bluesky, and Threads. Links to all those accounts are in the right-hand sidebar on every page on the website. is currently down, having crashed and burned in the transition to the new web host. I’m working to get that up and running again, but it’s going to be an uphill climb, as 99% was lost. Until that bad lad is back in operation, donations are being accepted via paypal to help defray the not inconsiderable costs of production. You’ll find the donation button in the right-hand sidebar. Every little bit helps and is much appreciated. Furthermore, every donation earns you an entry into a quarterly drawing for an Artifact handmade by Nightgaunt, cleansed and suitable for whatever enchantment you choose to lay upon it!
Thanks for listening as I dust this old podcast off and get it street legal once again. Please do check out the new website and tell absolutely everyone you’ve ever met in your entire life that the Ancient Wisdom Salvage Yard has returned!
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