Episode 39: Wherein We Reconfigure the Heavens
Johnny Khaos
Before the main event, your Friendly Neighborhood Nightgaunt talked about a couple of other projects of interest...
Our buddy from Episode 24, Phil Brucato has a new Urban Fantasy Novel entitled “Red Shoes” getting ready to drop. Phil is a fantastic writer and his role-playing game books have influenced thousands of creative folk, including Yours Truly through the years. Click the image below and please support this worthy project if you’ve the means to do so!
Red Shoes Icon
Another dear friend of the Salvage Yard, S.J. Tucker, has two online concerts coming up! The first, “On the Water” is coming up in just a few days on November 21st and the second, “Midwinter Music” will be on December 20th. Caress the link below to be instantly transported to all the sonic bliss you can stand.
Sooj Concert Icon
Our guest this episode is Johnny Khaos, a multidisciplinary occultist, astrologer, fine artist, and fellow Detroiter. We covered quite a bit of ground in this discussion, from Hellenic Astrology to Symbolism to art to cults. Johnny also spoke extensively on his early experiences with Occultism, including Shamanism, Wicca, and Hermetic magick.
Johnny can be found at JohnnyKhaos.com and on Facebook.
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