Episode 38: Wherein We Join the Wild Hunt
Shetan Noir
This Episode of the Ancient Wisdom Salvage Yard is dedicated to the memory of Jeremy Barsness: counselor, occultist, and friend. Click here for Jeremy's full obituary.
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Our dear friend Ryan Loyd has just completed the audiobook narration of Sean-Michael Argo's "The Necronomicon Cookbook", produced by our other dear friend S.J. Tucker! Due to legal restrictions, I couldn't play the audio sample on the show, but I CAN leave the link here for you. Well worth the ding-dang price of admission, folks!
Our guest this episode is Shetan Noir, a 25 year researcher in the fields of cryptozoology and the paranormal. A prolific author, she also teaches college courses in Paranormal History and Cryptozoology and leads the Michigan Chapter of the North American Dogman Project.
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To start, Shetan talked about what got her interested in cryptids and the paranormal as a child and described her own encounter with Bigfoot on the shoulder of the freeway between Michigan and Minnesota. We also discussed the psychology of reactions to High Strangeness - why we react the way we do when faced with uncanny events.
Next, we discussed the Dogman, a cryptid that while not quite as well-known as Bigfoot, nevertheless stirs our curiosity and and inspires us to speculate. Shetan related some Dogman lore and spoke about not only the differences between Dogman and Bigfoot, but how they appear to interact in the wild.
Moving on, Shetan shared her thoughts on the possible interdimensional or extraterrestrial nature of cryptids, as well as how these extraterrestrials may share affinities and communication with some of Earth’s more intelligent animal species.
Pterosaur sightings were next on the list and Shetan shared some stories she’s collected over the years. From there, she went on to discuss lake monsters, particularly those of the Great Lakes.
Shetan is also an experienced ghost investigator and spoke at length about the subject, including anecdotes, types and categories of hauntings and spirits, and the techniques followed on a ghost investigation.
Shetan Noir's Publications and Links:
In a Patron-only segment, Shetan told the story of the Nain Rouge, Detroit's own cryptid and we discussed what it might possibly be and how one fateful night 300 years ago may have determined the fate of the city.
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