Episode 36: Wherein We Migrate
Ian Jaydid
Before the interview, Nightgaunt told the sad tale of the passing from this world of his water heater Pauline and of the injuries he sustained therefrom. Based on some social media comments, he spoke a little on the nature of the DKMU and about some of the erroneous rumors about it. As promised, here is the link to the DKMU Oistar Guide:
Our guest this episode was Ian Jaydid, author of the fictional Tripping the Field and the non-fiction Migration, as well as the host of The Paranormal Atheist YouTube channel.
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Tripping the Field
Ian first spoke a little about himself and the experiences which led him to the understanding and realizations that form the groundwork of Migration, which involve our changing relationship with media and the narratives we create and frequently adopt from outside sources.
The discussion then segued into the nature of consciousness. Ian contended (and Nightgaunt concurred) that consciousness likely isn’t what the prevailing scientific assumption says it is and that it likely exists outside of mere electrical impulses within the brain.
Ian then spoke about disconnecting from not only one’s personal narrative, but from all narratives, and about how this opens the door to a more balanced appreciation of art and other media, as well as increased ability to travel out of body and dream lucidly.
Media, Ian asserted, is in many ways like a drug, capable of releasing mood-altering chemicals in the body. Recognizing what it is about certain media that keeps you hooked can facilitate breaking free from its control and appreciating it for what it is.
Another benefit of effectively managing the narratives in your life is an increased ability to make sense of spiritual experiences and viewing them with more clarity. Ian gave several examples of this in his own experiences.
Finally, Ian spoke about techniques to step outside of one’s narratives and provided meditation suggestions to help with this.
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