Episode 34: Wherein Secrets are Divined
Rich Kiska
Tonight, we're talking with Rich Kiska and go on a captivating journey through the world of an occultist on the cutting edge. From Rich's fascinating "origin story" through her manifold projects and experiments, I guarantee you'll find new ideas and perspectives to play with in your own practice.
Rich Kiska
First we explore Rich's massive yet elegant viral servitor projects involving mass-scale emotional therapy and talk about muscle testing as a form of divination and spirit communication.
From there, we backtracked a bit and heard Rich's extraordinary origin story and how a spontaneous Kundalini awakening paved the way for her true self to move to the forefront, casting off the mask of who she was before.
Rich went on to discuss a wide variety of topics including "The Map of Consciousness", Attraction and Dominance, curses, spirit therapy, the natures of discarnate entities, how the Astral behaves like the Internet in more than just superficial ways, and the "nothing is too weird" services that she offers her clients.
Rich Kiska is an energy healer and interdimensional correspondent based out of Connecticut. Her work pulls from a combination of traditional occult practices, yoga philosophy, and new energy healing modalities. If you'd like to contact Rich Kiska, she can be reached through her Facebook Profile.
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