Episode 33: Wherein Hexorius Stands Revealed
The Hexorian Movement
Yavhe Alexander • Cristian Velasco
Hexorian Sigil
Tonight, we hear from Yavhe Alexander and Cristian Velasco, two of the movers and shakers behind DKMU Latin America and the Hexorian Movement, a movement that was born of a DKMU operation and a mysterious dream.
Hexorius is a godform whose sphere of influence is the unique magick of cities and the "shadow cities" that exist in a sort of mirror realm. Hidden spaces, city spirits, and urban mages all fall under Hexorius' purview.
Yavhe and Cristian told the fascinating story of how first contact with Hexorius was made and of the ensuing rapid growth of the Hexorian Movement as people from all over the world took it up.
The Hexorian Manifesto
  • Magic Exists; its fire burns in all beings.
  • The Assault on Reality has triumphed; it is time to rebuild.
  • Every group and organization that promotes and supports magical cooperation is Hexorian in nature. Hate and discrimination will not be tolerated.
  • We will learn together. We will learn by doing.
  • The City will Feed Us.
Click one of the buttons below to read a PDF version of the story, along with some Hexorian rituals.
Finally, we talked about the Assault on Reality and what should come next, as we see it having been at least partially successful. How do we continue to build a new magickal world as the old world crumbles around us?
That's where YOU come in.
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