Episode 30: Wherein We Meet the Horde
Sorcerer Tal
In this episode, Sorcerer Tal, Master of the Sorcerer's Guild joins us for a compelling and thoroughly fascinating look at his personal magickal journey and the framework within which he works. To start, Tal talked about what set him upon his magickal path and also about the Sorcerer's Guild, the forum he began to give practitioners of all stripes a place to learn and teach each other.
The S-1 Sigil Icon
Next, Tal introduced us to the Horde, a confederation of evolved beings existing outside of Time. The Horde observes, but does not interfere, yet will provide guidance if approached in the right ways. From there, he went on to discuss the S-1 Sigil, which can be used as a means of contacting the Horde, among other uses.
Tal went on to talk about his extensive experimentation with egregores, specifically "living" egregores and the possibility of cultivating a hive-mind or collective unconscious for them. The evolution of egregores was touched upon, along with the differences between servitors, egregores, and tulpas. Tal also spoke about "Tulpa's Rights" and how the ways in which we treat our created beings can make a difference.
Wrapping things up, Sorcerer Tal talked about some upcoming projects of his, including ghost "hunting" and further work with the S-1 Sigil. Going back to the Horde, he talked about a Horde meeting place known as the Roadhouse, which exists in a null space of sorts within the Astral which he refers to as The Nothing. Anyone can visit the Roadhouse and consult with the Horde, use their library and obtain assistance in building one's own Dream Platform that can be used during one's lifetime, but also as a touchpoint after death.
Sorcerer Tal
Sorcerer Tal's YouTube Channel is an ever-growing repository of fascinating talks, experiments, and lessons. Tal lays everything out with a straightforward, engaging, and good-humored approach that makes magick accessible to everyone. Following are a few samples of what you'll discover there...
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