Episode 29 – Wherein We Boldly Go
Jason Luxon
In this episode we talk with Jason Luxon, mad scientist, occultist, and official Science Advisor to the Ancient Wisdom Salvage Yard. We kind of went all over the map, but the overall topic was "Where are we going, where should we be going, and how do we make the jump to becoming a Type One civilization?" We touched briefly on psychodynamics before segueing into the recent Space X launch. This, of course led us to conspiracy theory territory with some speculation as whether the United States has a secret, or at least a military, space program. I put Jason on the spot a little and asked him to speculate on when we might see certain technological leaps occur that could lead to dramatic changes in our society.
Jason Luxon
As promised, here's a brief overview of pair production.
From there, Jason went on to clear up some confusion I had regarding quantum computing, and went into the subject in-depth. We then discussed warp drive technology, specifically, the elusive EM Drive, as well as Jason's own efforts in developing a practical warp engine. Jason is Chief Technology Officer at OmniPotential Energy and we discussed the company's efforts to bring electric vehicles into more widespread use and what the future might soon begin to look like regarding how me move ourselves from place to place. We finished things up with a discussion about teleportation and the nature of the soul.
The Luxon Engine testing and experimentation...
Jason is originally from Honolulu, HI but grew up in the Pacific Northwest. He graduated from Seattle University in 2010 where he studied Physics and Electrical engineering. He has published research with NASA, and designed products with Lockheed Martin. He has been a contract engineer since 2012, and his specialties include electro-mechanical design, weak field sensing, robotics, lasers, beam technology, acoustics and speculative engineering.

In addition to his achievements in various scientific disciplines, Jason is also a highly knowledgeable and experienced occultist, having been raised in a magickally active family. He has a keen interest in Egyptian and Greek systems of magick, as well as Theurgy.

Jason plays multiple musical instruments and is also a student of carpentry.
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