Episode 27: Wherein We Rise from the Ashes
Phoenix Day
At long last, the Ancient Wisdom Salvage Yard has risen from the ashes! In this episode, I talk a bit about what's gone down since Episode 26 and ramble on about a few other things. Interspersed throughout the narrative are tiny little micro-interviews from ConVocation 2019, as well as a 2019 talk with Roni Jean Neal at a late-night diner. At the 11th Hour, Roni called in for a more-in-depth interview in which we talked about society, communication, and practical solutions to the difficulty we all seem to have these days in communicating effectively. She talked about her work with "Planet Jwow" and the exciting things brewing there.
Below, you'll find information about all of the interviewees (in order of appearance), as well as any links they have provided.
It's good to be back, my friends. Welcome to the New Aeon!
Leslie Caradina
Leslie Caradina is a former Wiccan High-Priestess, occultist, and hermetic magician hailing from Detroit, MI.
Johnny Khaos
Johnny Khaos is an occultist, lecturer, artist, and all-around suave fellow from Detroit, MI.
Johnny Khaos
Star Sapphire
Star Sapphire & ShadowDragon
Star Sapphire and ShadowDragon are occultists, lecturers, and teachers from Southern Michigan.
Corvis Nocturnum
Corvis Nocturnum is an author, publisher, and lecturer who has written over a dozen books on popular culture. The content ranges from vampires and zombies to the Devil and the occult. He has also been a consultant for A&E Channel’s Paranormal State. He has appeared as a guest speaker at Dragon Con, Scarefest, Parafest, and interviewed on the BET Channel’s The Lexi Show episode “The Church of Satan.” He was also interviewed in an October 2009 Penthouse Magazine article on sex and Satanism.
Eric Vernor
He is also an artist who lectures at conventions and universities on other subjects such as secret societies and Goth culture and does his best to debunk the many myths and stereotypes prevalent about dark subcultures. He has been a staff writer for American Gothique e-zine, the founder of Dark Moon Press publishing, and owner of Dark Moon Productions. He teamed up with Sunset Studios as the executive producer of Eerie America: Travel Guide of the Macabre, based on the book from Schiffer Publishing.
Corvis Nocturnum publishes as E.R Vernor, as well. His books can be found at Dark Moon Press.
Roni Jean Neal
Roni Jean Neal
Roni Jean Neal is a psychic sensitive, magician, and personal existance consultant. She is the owner and operator of Harnessing Intent Consultations where she guides people in navigating their lives specifically to help them align their daily habits and thought patterns with their goals and Calling. When you're truly ready to make things happen in your world, she can help you do so quicker, more effectively, and with a more thorough foundation under your actions. Roni is also a co-creator of the Triptych of Planet JWow, which hosts classes and growth labs for individuals. You can catch her on the daily show A New View with the Triptych of Planet JWow on Facebook. You can contact Roni on Facebook and Instagram.
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