Episode 25: Wherein We Culture Pop and Go Transmedia (Extended)
Taylor Ellwood • James Curcio
Taylor Ellwood is an occultist, consultant, and author with over 20 books to his credit. Taylor discussed his new book, Pop Culture Magic Systems and provided an in-depth matrix for developing an entire paradigm and system of magick based on pop culture.
Books by Taylor Ellwood
In our second interview, James Curcio discussed his many occult-oriented projects. From comics to books to music to films, James explained the ways in which he uses a variety of media to tell stories and comment on our culture, politics, and belief systems.
He talked about an early transmedia/alternate reality project known as Ong's Hat that he worked on with Joseph Matheny, and the impact that line-blurring stories like this can have. James also turned the tables on me a bit and coaxed some information about a project I have in the works involving David Bowie, magick, and the occult. We also discussed the state of the modern news media and the reality-bending effects it continues to have on our society.
Books by James Curcio
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