Episode 21: Wherein the Witch Doctor Speaks (Extended)
Equanimous Rex
This week, podcaster, occultist, writer, and preternatural investigator Equanimous Rex joined us to discuss his serial fiction podcast The Witch Doctor.
I've been a huge fan of the Witch Doctor since it began and I was excited to speak with its creator! Equanimous talked about the motivation behind creating the Witch Doctor and also about the use of fiction as a medium for communicating esoteric knowledge. Equanimous also writes non-fiction for the online magazines Disinfo and Modern Mythology, where he tackles topics like Materialist-Positivism and interviews popular personalities in modern occulture.
We touched on other topics like lucid dreaming and the effects pop culture can have on uncanny and paranormal experiences. As usual, we delved into this fascinating fellow's history and learned how Equanimous Rex arrived at this point in his occult career. We played a few sample clips from the Witch Doctor, but I heartily recommend everyone head over to the podcast's website and listen to the story from the beginning!
Before the interview, I mentioned that I'd be performing a ritual to coincide with the eclipse on August 21st. I mentioned that others I know are going to be working with chaos dragons, as in Ailura Ringtail and Ahava Ain Soph's excellent Draconic Solar Eclipse Ritual.
As I stated, having never worked with existing chaos dragons like Leviathan or Nidhogg, I prefer to do something a little different and make further contribution to the Assault on Reality.
To this end, I've elected to bring a new chaos dragon into being. To the right, you'll see the base sigil of this dragon, which is called Wingsblood (so named because the remaining letters of the statement of intent conveniently spelled it out, and also because it sounds fairly cool).
Wingsblood's purpose is simple: it zeroes in on places where the veil between worlds is thin...where consensus reality has begun to break down. The magickally aware see this all around us in these latter days, and many within the DKMU believe that this is, at least partially, due to the efforts of occultists to create a new, more magickal reality. Wingsblood exists to further this effort to break down consensual reality and to usher in a new Age of Wonders. Specifically, Wingsblood works to pick up the rubble of the old reality and facilitate the construction of the new. When it finds an appropriate area, it uses the Linking Sigil to further thin the veil and to widen the holes that already exist and make them permanent via Aelie. Per Ailura Ringtail:

Aelie - If each linking sigil is a crack in everyday reality, Aelie is the aspect of the web that grows into those cracks, widening them and promoting change. I understand it/her as the connective body of the web, a kind of alien plant thing transporting magick like sap. Kind of Ellis and kind of not. It is alive, invasive and charges the hell out of everything she touches.

Wingsblood has very specific programming; it does not simply work to create a new reality for Humanity infused with magick. That new reality is one based upon universal love, honorable and benign intent, and the goal of bringing us all closer to the next level of spiritual evolution. Joy, Wonder, and Magick are Wingsblood's watchwords. Wingsblood has a built-in filter to convert any negative or neutral energies into that which is in line with its mission. In short, neither the mission nor the spirit in which it is executed can be altered. It is self-sustaining, and as the consensus reality further makes way for the Age of Wonders, it will increase in power, able to affect larger and larger areas. When you summon Wingsblood, it spins off an exact copy of itself, ready for instructions from you.
Like Fotamecus, it is viral in nature and will eventually become a network that is self-coordinating. In fact, it would be interesting to see what could be achieved by having Wingsblood and Fotamecus work together.
To summon a copy of Wingsblood, use the sigil and ritual below. I've endeavored to make it as simple as possible, but feel free to add whatever window dressing works for you...
Perform whatever initial banishing suits you...or none at all, if that suits you.

Chant the name "Wingsblood", projecting the intonation out into the muliverse, and filtering it through the summoning circle above.


Wingsblood, draco de chao, adtende mihi Dolores inferni circumdederunt lacerare foramina velantur saecula! Mirari ex Aetate producat novam universae fundatur caritas, honesta mente et positivum mutatio! Magiam viribus praeditae alacritate!

Wingsblood's astral form is that of a black Western dragon, crackling with blue witchfire. When you feel your copy has arrived, direct it to an area you'd like it to begin work, or task it with finding nearby areas where the breakdown of consensus reality has begun.
Wrap up with your usual closing.
That's it! Be sure and let me know what you experience!
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Love you guys.
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