Episode Lucky 13: Wherein Ahavah Ain Soph Takes Us to School (Extended)
Ahavah Ain Soph
From there, the conversation ranged from Gnosticism and chaos magick, environmental magick and "probability spheres", to the intersection of quantum and magickal theory and the future of magick. Ahavah also spoke about his music and musical hypersigils (of which he treats us to a sample of). If you're at all interested in outside-the-box magick, then you'll definitely want to give this a listen.
Before the interview, I discuss the new "Magick Special" issue of Heavy Metal, and specifically, Grant Morrison's chaos magick article. Below, you'll find the David Bowie vector art from page two that I mentioned, with a link to a site where you can purchase a print, if you're so inclined. Also below is a link to Jim Pavelec's "Ars Goetia" website, where you can view and purchase his paintings of Goetic demons.
In the time since that interview was recorded, I've taken the helm on the Detroit City Node for Chelseanacht this year.
It's sort of a two-part effort and similar workings are going to be going on all over the United States and elsewhere in the world. First, a mirror will be consecrated and then smashed into shards...well, that was the plan, initially, but then one of my colleagues who works at a school, found a bunch of small, heavy-duty safety mirrors that had been discarded, so we'll be using those.
The mirrors will be placed throughout the city of Detroit in such a way that if you were to eliminate solid objects in the way and direct a laserbeam at one of them, the reflected laser light would create a gigantic Linking Sigil. Later, on July 17th, those involved will individually conduct rituals to turn these City Nodes into broadcast towers to pour 156/663 and 531 out into the world in unprecedented quantities. It's hoped that this will serve to initiate the masses and substantially weaken static reality.
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Love you guys.
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