Episode 11: Wherein We Enter the Magickal World of Billy Brujo (Extended)
Billy Brujo
This week on the Ancient Wisdom Salvage Yard, we spoke with artist, performer, and ceremonial magician Billy Brujo about his philosophy of magick, his YouTube show, and numerous other projects.
Billy talked Tarot, going far beyond simple spreads, and about his new book, the Book of Artifice. This is a very in-depth interview, and it's one you won't want to miss. Additionally, I talked a bit about my occult adventures in Cleveland, as well as a little surprise from the spirit world I received while editing this week's show!
The Book of Artifice!
Also in this episode, I talked about my occult adventures in Cleveland and interviewed Steven, the curator at the Buckland Gallery of Witchcraft & Magick. Below, you find links and a photo gallery of the gallery, as well as information about some of the other spiffy places we found...
I plan to attend a seance at the Buckland Gallery, and with luck, get permission to film it. Stay tuned!
Some other Cleveland establishments that I recommended in this week's episode:
The Black Market
Pugsley's Room Website
Facebook Page
Land of Plenty
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