Episode 9: Wherein We Meet the Mad Queen and Spend Some Quality Time with the Dunnes (Extended)
The Mad Queen • The Dunnes
In our double-header this week, we first heard from the Mad Queen, a witch and occultist hailing from the Eastern United States.
We discussed her early magickal influences and how her practice has evolved over the years, as well as subjects ranging from the role of poetry in magick to grass roots community-level working groups. MQ is active in the Domus Kaotica/Marauder Underground, as well as the Infinity Network and has been involved in several projects with both groups.
Meet the Mad Queen at http://www.madqueen.org
Next, we spoke with Steven and Dee Dunne, husband an wife gray magicians, writers, and educators from right here in Detroit. Dee and Steven talked about the classes they teach locally and their magickal philosophies and backgrounds.
In particular, we discussed dreams and Dee and Steven's individual approaches, as well as working with Muses and creativity. Steven has a new book out entitled Carrion, which he describes as "equal parts manifesto and story".
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