Astrology Update Vol. V
Artemis Stranger • Pluto Return
Artemis Stranger is back, discussing the USA's first Pluto Return, slated for February 22nd, 2022. After a recap of the last Astrology Update, Artemis plunged headlong into an analysis of the Taurus/Scorpio "Dark Side of Finance" we're experiencing, followed by a look at older nations that have experienced multiple Pluto Returns: Rome, England, and Russia. she touched on the Closing Square in 1982 that set the stage for this Pluto Return and we discussed how it will manifest and what echoes of the nation's birth will claw their way into the public's consciousness.
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Artemis Stranger is a seasoned astrologer and writer of the Cult of Perception blog and provides astrological and Tarot divination services. Artemis can also be reached on Facebook and Instagram.
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