Astrology Update Vol. IV
Artemis Stranger • Age of Aquarius
Artemis Stranger has once again graced us with her presence to discuss the election aftermath, the upcoming Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction, and shed some light on Astrological Ages and specifically, the Age of Aquarius.
Before Artemis popped in, I spoke a bit about "the Hexorian Movement", a growing network of magicians that started in Latin America and has begun to spread into the U.S. and Europe. It's concerned with hidden places within cities and the power that collects there (at least, that's my impression). Hexorius is a recently awakened godform whose sphere of influence is these hidden urban areas. During the course of recording this episode, I was able to make contact with the Hexorian Movement and we'll be hearing from a spokesperson in the first half of January, so stay tuned! As promised, here is the Sigil of Hexorius and the memes I mentioned. Note that the Linking Sigil is present in these:
Artemis and I first touched on the election aftermath and what we can expect to see begin to coalesce as we press forward. We spoke a bit about the recent rumblings from QAnon, which, at the time of this publication, seem to have been largely baseless.
The great Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction taking place on December 21st will be the first such occurrence in Aquarius since the 17th Century, and according to Artemis, we will all be noticing an energetic shift as we head into 2021. We are entering a new era, but how things shake out depends on us. Have you done the work Saturn demands in order to reap the blessings of Jupiter?
Following was a discussion on the Astrological Ages, starting with the Age of Leo about 12,000 years ago all the way up to the present day, on the cusp of the Age of Aquarius. Each Age has certain hallmarks, and right now, we're leaving the Age of Pisces whose motto is "I believe," and heading into the Age of Aquarius, whose motto is "I know." Here's the article by Robert Fitzgerald that Ms. Stranger referenced in the discussion (click to read):
Finally, Artemis spoke at length about just what the Age of Aquarius means in terms of humanity as a whole. A more collectivist mentality, extreme scientific breakthroughs, and new ways to communicate. Aquarius is very much about tearing down old structures and building something new, so buckle up; this could be a wild ride indeed.
Artemis Stranger is a seasoned astrologer and writer of the Cult of Perception blog and provides astrological and Tarot divination services. Artemis can also be reached on Facebook and Instagram.
Here is the link to the Rama Festival that I will be appearing at on December 19th!
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