Astrology Update Vol. III
Artemis Stranger • Election Special
Artemis is back with her analysis of the coming U.S. Election! She breaks down the charts of DJ and Uncle Joe, analyzing how the current and upcoming astrological conditions will likely interplay with each candidate leading up to and including the election.
Perhaps more importantly, Artemis talked about how the upcoming few weeks are going to affect all of US. How will some people react to a Trump win? How will others react to a Biden Win? And how will the astrological weather influence those reactions? As promised, here's the article that I mentioned from a wargaming perspective:
Nothing is certain in these times, but forewarned is forearmed. Don't miss this analysis of what is arguably the most contentious election in American History!
Here are two more related articles that Artemis sent me after the interview:
Artemis Stranger is a seasoned astrologer and writer of the Cult of Perception blog and provides astrological and Tarot divination services. Artemis can also be reached on Facebook and Instagram.
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