Astrology Update Vol. I
Artemis Stranger
I decided to make some changes in light of Artemis stopping by for periodic Astrology Updates. In keeping them separate from regular episodes, the hope is that it will be easier to go back and reference past Updates and help us all keep track of the changes wracking the U.S. and the rest of the world and develop a deeper understanding of the forces at work. In addition, there is now a separate page for the Updates that includes Astrology learning resources. More will be added after each update and there will even be a page collecting just the Astrology Update Volumes (They will also appear in the main episode archive on the home page).
Before Artemis came on, I rambled a bit as I usually do and talked a little bit about the "Together We Will" campaign that we've been seeing on television and the Internet. I speculated a bit on whether this is just a vague inspirational phrase or something with deeper occult connotations. To the right, you'll see the associated sigil I spoke about.
In her Update, Artemis picked up where she left off in the COVID-19 episode and expanded on celestial events in progress and those waiting in the wings. Analyzing and predicting the effects on Earth and the United States as only she can, she gave a run-down of why things have gotten so incredibly strange and what we can expect to see down the road a bit.
Artemis is a seasoned astrologer and writer of the Cult of Perception blog and provides astrological and Tarot divination services. Artemis can also be reached on Facebook and Instagram.
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