Enochian Magick
Enochian Magick is a complex and esoteric system of magick that is intricately tied to the fascinating lives and collaboration of John Dee and Edward Kelley, two historical figures who played a significant role in the development of this mystical tradition. In this article, we will explore the origins, principles, and practices of Enochian Magick, as well as provide in-depth biographies of John Dee and Edward Kelley, shedding light on their contributions to this enigmatic discipline.
Origins of Enochian Magick
Enochian Magick takes its name from Enoch, a biblical figure who was said to have been the great-grandfather of Noah. According to Enochian lore, he was the recipient of divine knowledge and communication with angels, and it is from these angelic revelations that the Enochian system of magic emerged.

The primary sources of Enochian Magick are the extensive diaries and manuscripts of John Dee and Edward Kelley, who claimed to have received messages and guidance from angels. These communications formed the foundation of the Enochian system and contributed to its uniqueness within the realm of Western esotericism.
John Dee
John Dee (1527-1608) was a Renaissance polymath, mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, and alchemist. He served as an advisor to Queen Elizabeth I of England and was one of the most educated and intellectual figures of his time. Dee's fascination with the occult, however, led him on a path to explore mystical and magickal realms.

Dee's involvement in Enochian Magick began when he met Edward Kelley in 1582. He believed that Kelley had the ability to communicate with angels and sought his assistance in deciphering the angelic language and messages he received. Together, Dee and Kelley conducted numerous scrying sessions and recorded the Enochian system's intricate symbols, sigils, and rituals.

Dee's contributions to Enochian Magick were substantial. He not only documented the angelic communications but also devised a system of Enochian magic that included the Enochian Calls (invocations) and magickal tools. Dee's meticulous record-keeping and his attempt to understand and systematize the angelic language are central to the Enochian tradition.
Edward Kelley
Edward Kelley (1555-1597), also known as Edward Talbot, was a controversial figure whose association with John Dee would forever link his name with Enochian Magick. Kelley was a self-proclaimed alchemist and medium who claimed the ability to communicate with angels and spirits.

His partnership with John Dee began in 1582, and it was Kelley who acted as the scryer during their angelic communications. Kelley described visions and received messages from angels, which he then communicated to Dee. These angelic messages contained intricate symbols, complex invocations, and instructions for Enochian rituals.

Kelley's life was marked by scandal, including accusations of forgery and fraud, which casts a shadow over his credibility. Despite these controversies, his role as a medium in the development of Enochian Magick is undeniable. The Enochian system's symbols and language, dictated through Kelley, remain a foundational element of the tradition.
Principles and Practices of Enochian Magick
Enochian Magick is a highly structured and complex system of magic, with its core elements being:

• The Enochian Language: The angelic language, known as Enochian, is a fundamental component of the system. It consists of unique characters and a specialized grammar, and it is used in invocations, rituals, and consecrations.

• Enochian Calls: These are invocations, prayers, or conjurations delivered in the Enochian language to call upon angels and spirits. The Enochian Calls are intended to access the angelic realms and seek their guidance and assistance.

• Hierarchical Cosmology: Enochian Magick features a detailed cosmology with different realms, hierarchies of angels, and specific correspondences that are integral to the magickal system.

• Sigils and Symbols: The Enochian system employs a range of intricate symbols and sigils used in various rituals, such as the Sigillum Dei Aemeth, a powerful magical seal.

• Ritual Tools: Enochian Magick uses an array of magical tools, including the Holy Table, the Lamen, and the Elemental Tablets, each with specific purposes in the practice.
Enochian Magick stands as a unique and enigmatic branch of Western esotericism, deeply rooted in the mystical revelations of John Dee and Edward Kelley. The system's complexity, with its angelic language, hierarchies, symbols, and rituals, continues to captivate and challenge practitioners today. While the historical context and credibility of its originators may be debated, the enduring influence and allure of Enochian Magick in the world of occultism is unquestionable. It remains a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of magickal and esoteric traditions.
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