Operation: Bring Your Own Bombs
The DKMU Apocalypse Party
You bring your own hands.
Condensed sigilwork provided below to help shape intent.
You tune into the web during this operation. You become a living amplifier.
Essentially, the playback technique. You sit there and you receive the vibe.
You wield the vibe. You let the vibe consume you. Go absolutely fucking mental. Let in the influences you select for or receive, adjust, and manipulate.
You send the vibe back. You better be schizomaxxing. Thank you for your service.
The Web itself will act as reservoir, acoustic chamber, particle accelerator, bagpipes, whatever.
Anything that is compatible is welcome.
Gather up momentum, mass, and energy. Send your stars skyward.

Ideology swarms in the eyes of every person.

The human inclination towards the incorporation of data has turned against us, letting words of people we do not know the face of cast apparitions through our eyes and chain us to our own hands.

This is inevitable.

All generate propaganda. All consume propaganda. All proliferate propaganda.

Gutting this essential fact from the modern human mind is not plausible.

The world itself is not usually seen to be as caught up in human neuroticisms, though they may still imprint some power over it. We often view the veil in this way, like a substance generated by the consensus mundane thought of the day. These corruptions can be burned away. As long as in doing so we can change the mechanics of this generation within the individual, the root of the veil is within and so it becomes without.

In each area and the landscape, physical or psychical, the human mind will force each thing into definition and categorization, a cold generation of dualism which isolates man further, Adam has been expelled from the garden. Now seeing the world physically in separated and defined states as well as the more spiritually inclined still only seeing through the broken schizophrenisation of realities overlapping and shattering as they are generated and subsequently broken down by our minds. The gate to Eden is open and willing, but its form has been dimensionally smeared across the plane of human neuroticism.

The goal of the mystic here is not to discard those man made/half baked or otherwise “lesser” realities which blur the dimensions of truth, but to understand their radical harmony, not existing at the same time, but as one. A fusion which envelopes oneself in the experience of experience, a “hyperassociation” of one with the myriad of realities and the one truth.
Of course, this is a magickal hand out, not a year 2 philosophy class. Lets do some fucking magick.

So, we legalised nuclear bombs.

The nuke was developed as a higher ordinance piece of tech in the assault on reality, an evolution of the simple LS tag, the tag is a bleeding hole in the fabric of the veil, while the nukes detonate, causing larger scale areas of land to be further hallowed and initiated into the Weird. This detonation is catalysed by the idealised concept of Truth, Emet, Veritas, whatever fancy woo woo name you wanna give the truth, it's at the core of these workings, literally. Truth acts as the core of radioactive materials, the initial outwards eviscerating energy, it devours ideology and creates a momentary blank slate, a white space, which is then injected with a payload, like a cobalt salt bomb, for our purposes this payload is concentrated ellisian energies. And these energies should be programmed and filtered towards the proliferation of beauty, awe, and direct initiatory experience. In practice this can be easily viewed under the system of thought i previously described, we are using truth to violently harmonise dissonant realities.

This is a pretty simplistic outline of the general mechanics. Something to note about “performing” these nukes is that, like how it works when you tag an LS, your mental state while doing this is a catalyst, and with the nukes this is exponentially increased. (a godform was created by the first nuke purely because of a shitpost about fish in the back of the casters mind).

Because of this, and because of the general nature of trying to create hallowed spaces, as an LS is ideally targeted at sleeping places ready to wake up. I'm of the opinion location is a vital part of this. Places which already have degrees of wonder to them, we aren't just trying to make some weird anymore, we are trying to drown sections of this earth in the honey of eden.

With that being said, How dafuq i do?
Find a place which cultivates/has the capacity to cultivate sense based or emotional awe in you or others, I find great effect in using places of nostalgia and general beauty. A good view of the stars and visually apparent astrological events are also excellent (of course, a sufficient mind can cultivate awe in any situation, but these help us aim for harder effect). The veil is thin where it is beautiful, where the stars are visible, in nature. These are the places in which people can let go of their categorisation and simply experience, allowing for interaction with the Web and hallowed space.


Go down into your place (remote nukes are possible of course; consider cartography magick, but this process is mostly based off of the first nuke and my planned future nukes) and before the working, attempt to saturate yourself in the awe of the place. See the place with the harmony you as a magus can already see. This is your fuel. Get some fucking pretty music on, smoke up your shit, whatever the fuck you need. Enjoy this.

Align yourself ritually with this state via your normal pre-ritual banishing, while invoking the emotion of Divine Awe (the Middle Pillar is highly recommended). Visualise a golden core where you want the epicenter of this working to occur, vibrating or otherwise programming “Truth” within it (the Hebrew Emet works well). View this substance as highly dense and volatile, searing up the air around it in white lightning. This can be programmed as the expansive element of Chesed in the Kabbalistic system. Around this, visualise a highly powered shield to act as the shell of the bomb and the thing which holds pressure. Along the inside of this construct various inward spiking shaped charges, which detonate causing an implosion, compressing our “radioactive” material and causing something akin to a fission reaction (or fusion depending on how TRVE you wanna be). Within these internal charges is programmed the constrictive element of either Gevurah or Binah in the Kabbalistic system, as well as highly concentrated amount of Ellisian energy, programmed towards the things earlier discussed, and also programmed to act as a virus towards veil matter, consuming it and replicating itself.

Hold this entire construct in your mind. See it as volatile, holding potential energy and warping reality around it.

What i usually do here is some kind of verbalised calling, essentially attempting to invoke Glory within the space, the magus, and the device. It can be spontaneous and shitposty, but think the “Here be Dragons” invocation used to start up Ellisian generators.

Aim the emotion of this towards a single peak at the end in which you will allow the nuke to detonate, contracting inwards before rapidly expanding, a bubble of plasmatic gold burning through the air, burning it white and blank in an instant before a storm of octarine and red lightning, the memetic payload of the nuke.
None of that is authoritative in any way; people who get more funky with how they build astral machinery will be able to go into more depth in that aspect. It is easy to incorporate spirits into the working, just let it be yours when you do it. Optimize it towards what you work well with. This is all just an outline of the ideas at play to give an idea as to how to perform one of these workings on your own terms.





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